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Supplying Product and Service


Iran has several supporting factors which make it advantageous for supplying and exporting many types of material and products to overseas markets. Iran has significant reserves of mineral materials, energy barriers and young workforce; so the costs level is low in several aspects, comparing to many other countries in the world. k
Backed to many years of experiences in local and international trade and businesses, Golden Way Company provides “supplying service” to the customers. t
This service is mainly designated for the foreign companies who are interested to purchase their required raw material and products from Iran market. Golden Way support its customer with supplying all kinds of material and final products, machinery, equipment, facilities, apparatus, services and so on. t

Market Development Service

Backed to many years of experiences in local and international trade and businesses, Golden Way Company provides Market Development Service to the customers. t

This service is mainly designated for the foreign companies who are interested in entering Iran market or if they would like to develop their market share. t

Market development Service includes all needful activities to help a foreign supplier for growing its business prospects and it will be tailored specifically for each case considering the product type and market circumstances. t


Golden Way offers a wide range of service for business development in Iran market: t

Market Research -
Feasibility Study -
 Pricing Policy Consulting -
Marketing Trips, Meetings and Trade Fairs -
Engineering and Technology Transfer -
Transactions Commercial Management -
Subcontracting and Outsourcing -
Storage and Warehousing -
Transport and Delivery -
Local Permission and Approvals -
Advertising Managements -



Market Research

Golden Way helps the clients to conduct market research in order to determine viability and competitiveness of their products or services for Iran market. We support clients to discover target market and to collect opinions and feedback about their business. t


Feasibility Study

Golden Way supports clients to do feasibility study and assess practicality of a business plan or a project by taking all relevant factors into account including economic, technical, legal considerations and so on. t


Pricing Policy Consulting

Golden Way consults clients to adjust prices of the products and services based on cost, value, demand, competition, … and to set up a proper pricing policy according to conditions of the market in Iran. t


Marketing Trips, Meetings, Trade Fairs

Golden Way provides all needful local marketing activities to the clients, including business meetings and participations in relevant events such as fairs and exhibitions, etc. t


Engineering and Technology Transfer

Golden Way helps the local and foreign companies to set up technology transfer projects in their field of activities in order to conduct process of transferring know-how and sharing skills, knowledge, technologies, manufacturing methods, high-tech facilities, etc. t


Transactions Commercial Management

Golden Way provides commercial management service of the sales activities and projects in Iran by conducting and consideration of all rules or practices of international business and standard terms. Most rules and practices are often reflected in the terms of the transaction contracts; so Golden Way is in close cooperation with its clients to take care of contractual considerations. t


Subcontracting and Outsourcing

Due to some advantages in Iran such as lower labor and energy costs, it is very feasible for foreign companies to outsource some of their activities by using Iranian companies and/or experts. Golden Way helps the clients to find proper and suitable partners for such mutual cooperation. t


Storage and Warehousing

Golden way provides all needful services for storage and warehousing to the clients in order to manage the cargo and products safely and in Iran. t


Transport and Delivery

Golden way provides all needful services for transportation and delivery of the cargos and products in order to manage the whole process  reliably in Iran. t


Local Permission and Approvals

Golden Way support the clients and conduct needful procedures with the local authorities in order to get required permissions and approvals for exporting their products to Iran market. t


Advertising Managements

Golden Way provides advertising management service for them in order to conduct business development in Iran market.t