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About Us

Founded in 2006, Golden Way is a reliable supplier and service provider of wide range of systems, equipment and material in various fields of businesses and industrial sectors such as energy solutions, steel material, safety and environmental, industrial parts and equipment. G

Since inception, Golden Way has become a reputable supplier by well-designed and fast growing sourcing and marketing activities, thanks to years of professional business experience of its founders. K

Golden Way is based in Iran with its efficient business handling agents  and supplying partners in many countries such as South Korea, China, Australia, India, Iraq, UAE, Italy, Armenia, Uzbekistan, ... enabling it to meet customer's requirements and needs. J



What we do? F

Golden Way is supplier of wide range of systems, equipment and material in various fields. Since the beginning Golden Way has been working on different categories of businesses through its partners from all over the world. D


Golden Way is supplying many kinds of products either by importing to Iran market or by exporting from Iran to the foreign client. t

Moreover, Golden Way offers market development service especially to the foreign companies who are interested in Iran market and also the Iranian manufacturers who are interested in exporting their products to overseas markets.   F